About Resfeber18


Hello there!

Welcome to Resfeber18, the diary of a Homebound Traveler. I am a Homebound Traveller who loves to travel and stay at home all at the same time. Woof! What a struggle that is!

After staying away from family for almost a decade I quit my job to reunite with them. I missed celebrating festivals, being taken care of and above all I missed my home a lot. So I packed my bags, quit my job and sold most of my belongings to come back home so that I could travel to anywhere from my safe haven. I love the feeling of coming back to a home full of people I love after every adventure. That is what makes my journeys and experiences all the more fulfilling.

The passion for travel and writing coupled together brings Resfeber18. Resfeber, originally a Swedish word means the nervous feeling one encounters before undertaking a new journey, a feeling of happy restlessness.

I guess all of us have felt that jittery feeling and spent endless hours and days thinking about the places we were about to see, researching about them, finding out what to eat, where to go almost everything under the sun. When the imaginations and expectations of these places turn into reality before your eyes, euphoria is all that one experiences. Resfeber18 has been an attempt at writing about all such experiences I have had as a traveller and I am sure most of you would relate to my experiences as well. Writing about my travel experiences is, therefore, the best possible way to keep the memories of the escapades intact and easily accessible to reminisce.

Go ahead and read them to find out more.

7 thoughts on “About Resfeber18

  1. Bidisha, I just came across your blog through another blog. I loved your work and words. Since I have been in India last year I absolutely fell in Love in with it and I love to see other’s peoples blogs about India, therefore I have to follow you. Please feel free to visit my blog, in the year of 2016 you will find the most posts about my India trip.

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  2. Hello dear, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad that you liked my blog and the content. I am also very elated to know that you have had a wonderful time here in India. I will definitely read about your experiences in my country. Also, I have moved my blog to http://bidishabanik.com/. You may want to follow Resfeber18 there to read some of the recent experiences and remain updated with future posts. Thank you once again. 🙂


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