7 Reasons why you should revisit places.

“Maybe you had to leave in order to miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.”
― Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care

I have come across people who have reservations regarding visiting the same place twice. As a kid, even I believed in the same logic of not visiting the same place twice as there would be nothing new to see. Back in 2002, we had gone for a family getaway to Puri and I was surprised when my dad told me about a common belief that whoever makes a visit to Puri in Orissa is bound to visit the place thrice. I asked him how many times had he come here to which he replied that it was his third time. I wondered wasn’t it absolutely futile to visit the same place so many times to which he answered, “A second visit may seem futile to some, after all, people spend hard earned money to be able to see places and sometimes second or third visits are not feasible but if you can then always make a second visit to these places that have left impressionable imprints in your heart and you will know.”

I love multiple visits to the same place. I am an overly emotional being and in just about two to three day’s time, I fall in love with places and the people I meet. It’s like a weird ritual I follow, every time I leave a place I fall in love with, I promise the place with all my heart that I will be back soon and see things that I couldn’t have managed in my first attempt. I believe the first visit is a precursor to subsequent visits. Here’s a list of reasons why you should also revisit the places you fall in love with the first time

1. For the love of replaying a favorite movie.

Haven’t you watched Friends (the sitcom about six friends) or a movie that you love over and over again? I watch Friends a lot; it’s like a therapy watching those episodes on repeat mode. How can revisiting places not feel the same?

When I visited Kolkata this year for the first time after 2012, I felt speechless. I greeted Kolkata with a “Hello we meet again, darling and you have no idea how much you have been missed.” It’s not just a place or a location, it’s a piece of my heart that I leave in these places and meeting again is just like meeting an old lost friend. Walking through the by-lanes of this city truly feels like replaying the movie of my life and reliving all those moments that have been elemental in shaping those priceless memories.


2. For the love of everything familiar

Revisiting places can sometimes feel like visiting a second home, like going to granny’s for a vacation. Visiting familiar places is somewhat similar, you check in to the same hotel you stayed at probably years ago, you already know the best places to eat, the best places to catch a perfect view of the mountains or being well prepared for your second attempt at capturing the sunrise. Familiarity brings a sense of belonging and that is when you start realizing that a certain new place starts feeling like home.

The view from the same coffee shop and bakery I had been to years ago in Darjeeling. (Glenary’s, Darjeeling)

3. For the love of a fresh new perspective.

It’s just a little perspective that we all need in life, travel gives you enough such opportunities to contemplate life and understand things better. We all look at traveling as a getaway, a break in the mundane chain of activities we all are bound by but what if traveling could actually solve your problems. In difficult times I have always sought solace in Rishikesh and every time I visit Rishikesh now, I sit by the Ganges and simply stare at its serenity as well as feel inspired by its relentless journey. It’s astonishing how a river can infuse so many feelings in an individual and teach you so much about life.

Nothing better than contemplating life in solitude.

4. For the love of ditching the touristy stuff.

The touristy stuff may be clichéd and obvious but you cannot really ignore their beauty or splendor. The first visits will essentially take up most of your time trying to cover these touristy trails of a place but the second visits can always comprise of exploring a little more and going beyond the already known and visited locations. Like when I visited Darjeeling the second time, I preferred walking more than taking public transport and even though I did visit few tourist spots, I mostly reveled at the sight of the lovely colorful houses built on the sides of the streets and the breathtaking mountains in the backdrop.

Colorful houses in Darjeeling

5. For the love of doing things that you missed during the first visit.

Few things may remain incomplete from your bucket lists of certain places but a second attempt at doing such things may be much more rewarding than the first attempt in itself. For instance, the first time I visited Darjeeling, watching the sunrise from the Tiger Hill was a farfetched dream due to the erratic weather here but the second time Sun God was generous and I was lucky enough to be able to see the mesmerizing sunrise from the hills.


The sunrise from Tiger Hill, Darjeeling

6. For the love of that perfect shot.

As a travel blogger or a travel photographer sometimes getting a perfect shot can be a very onerous task and even after trying numerous times you may not be able to get that perfect frame or light and exposure to create magic in your pictures. I know the struggles!

I have this friend who clicked amazing pictures with his phone but always cribbed about how he didn’t have a good camera to bring out the best in his talent. Now he owns a DSLR and is taking turns to visit all the picturesque places he has already seen to capture them all in his frames and you bet he is doing a wonderful job at it. Check out his pictures here.

Leh captured in the second visit with a DSLR.!

7. For the love of reunions.

I meet awesome people in my journeys, and I have tried to remain in contact with them through social networking, calls, and messages but what is better than going and meeting them for a surprise. Who doesn’t love a reunion? Go back to these places and maybe visit the same restaurant you had a scrumptious meal at and had a lovely conversation with a waiter, talk to him, he may not remember you at first but as you revive his memory he may get really overwhelmed that you made an effort to visit him again. Spread joy and gift smiles to all those people who had made you smile someday.

Someday I shall see this little chap again.

Let me know about your revisits to places. Are you apprehensive about visiting the same places again or do you love going back? What are the feelings that you experience while you are at such a visit? Leave a comment and let me know what you love about revisits. Until then keep traveling and keep experiencing.


14 thoughts on “7 Reasons why you should revisit places.

  1. Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite authors – I love the quote you chose! I like revisiting places (though the number of revisits depends somewhat on the place in question), especially if it’s a place I feel attached to – like my university city, or the town where I spent my year abroad. Sometimes, it would be nice to see the same place in a different season – I recently travelled to Japan and Hong Kong (in the hot humid summer) so it would be nice to visit in the autumn when it’s less humid so I could do more of the outdoors-y activities. Sometimes there just isn’t time to see everything – I’d love to go back to the Lake District to explore more of it, as there are some stunning views to be found! I also like revisiting places in order to show family and friends what it is about these places that I love, and to share places with them – when I last lived in France I went to countless places twice (or more) just to show them to other people so they could see where I lived and why I liked it so much. Great post 🙂

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    1. Rosie, thank you so much. Loved your thoughts on the same. I know, revisiting places is so fun and looking at things that have changed over the years is also very rewarding. And i completely agree on going back to places in different seasons. Thank you for your insight. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love revisiting places. For me a memory consists not only of a view, but also smell of the season, food flavour, sound – any of these makes re-experience that place, that day and that emotion. I love to observe the way I react, my new perspective. It makes an important part of my emotional development, I can see how I progressed and if I gained a new perspective.

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